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Malik Bendjelloul is dead at the age of 36. He was the Swedish director who won ... more
ncslim48 May 15 '14
Coates is calling out "polite American society" in column in the Atlantic. He sa... more
ncslim48 May 15 '14
It’s the Affordable Care Act--ACA. And, yes, there are glitches in the new syste... more
ncslim48 Oct 22 '13
Apparently, "post-racial" was just a hyphenated word and nothing more. The teaba... more
ncslim48 Oct 17 '13

Forum Topics

They have buried this nation in their greed.
GenV Jul 4 '14
A Toddler on 3 Different Psychiatric Meds? How Drugging Kids Became Big... More
Loozerio Sep 21 '13
5 Biblical Concepts Fundamentalists Just Don’t Understand One reading of the... More
Loozerio Jul 31 '13
Sounds like you were having a dream where you were "processing" a... More
TeresaO Jul 7 '13

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Dec 21 '14
Happy Holidays to one and all. May your life be filled with love.
Dec 8 '13
Happy Birthday to aeqnkxpmug and ddgf53bbjx.

No, I have not heard or seen anything lately. He said he was taking some time off. That was during the government shutdown. I was hoping he would be back by now. He must be doing something because the site does look wonderful.
Nov 8 '13
Has anyone seen or heard from McSpocky?
Nov 6 '13
Wow, McSpocky has been busy. The site looks wonderful.
Sep 24 '13
Hi, people. Just wanted to check in.
Sep 21 '13
Hey! Just posted a new discussion.
Sep 14 '13
Aloha from the Big Island everyone. Dropped in to see how all are doing lately. Hope it's all okey dokey!
Sep 8 '13
" How did you eat? Did you hunt your own critters?" Backpacker meals, just boil water, pour it in and wait about ten minutes. Most are quite tasty.

notsojingo, EXCELLENT!

RaisedByWolves, would you care to accept an FR?
Sep 7 '13
Hello, everyone. I'll keep a close watch over here! Peace!
Sep 7 '13
Greetings to All! Making a Landing to see goings on. Have been lost in otherspace for a long bit, and wished to go where civility was the norm. Effie's Balloon and Leb's Old Newsvine are two other places for positivism I enjoy, but the Vine def is just an exercise in frustration.
It seems that Life is just one bump in the road after the last, and that is why I stay inside a lot. Only kinda joking...
Loozerio, just got and welcome your request, Thank You!
Teresa, always a pleasure. :-)) Party On! Will look for your pics, I could use an escape, even if vicariously.
McS, keep the faith, you HAVE done a fantastic job here, and all appreciate your fine efforts. There are so many things I can relate to as for constantly having to fight over things which should not ever be a basis for needing to fight at all...very maddening.
Bitemore, your post below could have come right from my fingertips.

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